Stalinism in Texas: Houston Mayor
Subpeonas Pastors' Sermons
What a Relief: President Obama
Says Ebola Is Nothing to Worry About
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He called ISIS the JV Team... Obama retreated and did not fight them in Iraq... he lets everyone invade America by opening our southern border... he might not fight terror in Chicago, or Las Vegas, or Boston, or Denver. ISIS does not fear America and they don't fear this President.

President George W. Bush was different... "I'm fighting them over there, so that we don't have to fight them in our cities."

Obama Would Rather Be
Than in the Situation Room

Help Stop HAMAS Now!

Why Can't They Go Back?
Good question, isn't it? It was asked by Bernadette Lancelin, in an interview with a Fox News reporter. She lives in Houston, near a closed middle school that the Obama administration is thinking of converting into a detention center, where large numbers of illegal alien children will be warehoused. Whether people like Bernadette agree or not, and whether ordinary Americans agree or not, the President and his party are seemingly intent on turning the United States into the orphanage of the world. They see power and political advantage in it. Bernadette and the rest of us see our neighborhoods getting worse. Don't try and tell us we're racists or that we don't like little Hispanic children. We just think they should be back in their home countries, with their mothers and fathers. Click to read more.

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